Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest degree of customer service while caring for any disaster that befalls commercial or residential property.

We will always care for our clients needs with the latest technology and most current education the disaster industry offers. We always accommodate our clients needs without compromising required industry standards.

Our History

The mythological Phoenix is long-lived bird with restorative powers. Able to regenerate itself from the ashes, it serves as a perfect symbol for what is needed after a disaster strikes a commercial or residential property. The ability to rise from the ashes of despair and move forward with confidence knowing that things are now better than they were before.

Though founded in 1997 by David and Keri Salas, Phoenix Restoration has grown through partnerships with family and trusted friends to be a corporation with multiple locations over three states, owned or operated independently. Our goal is simple and based on the metaphor of the ancient Phoenix bird  – Restore businesses and homes as quickly as possible and things will be better than they were before!

Our Values

Reliability, Quality, Dedication, Industry Expertise, Renowned Hospitality, Education,  and Industry Leading Techniques.