Storm Damage

Wind, hail, lighting, tornado, hurricane, floodwaters, driving rain, … cue the locusts, frogs and other plagues!

Of course Acts of God are no laughing matter, that’s why Phoenix Restoration is always at the ready to provide assistance for your home or business after a storm. At Phoenix Restoration we understand that storm damage is so very different from other disasters. Water gushing from a pipe or discovering smoke and flames is always frightening and unexpected, however seeing it gives our brains a sense of control. Providing you with the choice to react or flee as required. Storms are just the opposite. They are forecasted, giving you time to contemplate and sometimes worry! You and your family are usually huddled in your home with no control of how to react or flee. All you can do is wait it out!

Storm damage can leave a home or business owner feeling vulnerable and sometimes literally exposed! When a storm ravages your property you only need to remember two things: (1) Take precautions from any electrocution hazards. (2) Rely on Phoenix Restoration to care for your property and possessions. We will care for all of your storm damage needs.