What to expect during fire restoration

A fire in your home or business not only damages or destroys the structure and contents but can also upend your life. Phoenix Restoration is here to help you smoothly navigate the process of restoring your home or business and getting your life back to normal. Here is what to expect during fire and smoke restoration:

  • Phoenix Restoration will first diagnose the damage, creating a detailed property recovery plan.
  • If necessary, we will secure your property by boarding up missing windows and walls and placing tarps on damaged roofs.
  • If there is water damage, we will remove the water and use dehumidifiers and air movers until the structure and contents are completely dry.
  • Phoenix Restoration will remove damaged belongings and structural components and use state-of-the-art equipment to clean and sanitize surfaces and remove odors. With precise attention to detail, we will hand-clean restorable belongings, wash and steam-clean fabric and rugs, and use powerful ultrasonic cleaning tanks to restore damaged jewelry, tools, and other items.
  • Belongings can be stored in our climate-controlled warehouses until you are ready to have them returned.
  • Phoenix will communicate with your insurance company on the claim and payment and keep you informed during the entire process.
  • Whether it is a home or business, Phoenix Restoration will restore it to its original state, guaranteeing the work is performed correctly, according to the latest training and industry standards. From the initial inspection, through the cleanup and structural repairs – Phoenix Restoration will provide customized and cost-effective solutions to repair any home or business.
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