Water Damage Restoration Process

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What is the water damage restoration process?

Whether it’s a leaking pipe, backed up plumbing system or flood, water in your home or business can cause significant damage and should be dealt with quickly. Extracting the water as soon as possible is key in minimizing damage and the growth of mold. Phoenix Restoration is available 24/7 for water damage restoration and can quickly respond to an emergency.

Here’s what you can expect during water damage restoration:

  • Our technicians will inspect the damaged areas and use the latest moisture detection equipment, including infrared cameras, to pinpoint all areas of damage and develop a precise plan for restoration.
  • We will extract all water, remove and dispose of irreparably damaged materials, and place powerful dehumidifiers, air movers, and other necessary equipment to thoroughly dry the area.
  • The drying process could take a matter of days or longer, so our technicians will frequently monitor the area to establish when it is completely dry and stop secondary damage.
  • We will treat affected areas with an antimicrobial spray to hinder mold growth and kill bacteria, viruses and germs.
  • Phoenix will communicate with your insurance company on the claim and payment and keep you informed during the entire process.
  • Whether it is a home or business, Phoenix Restoration will restore it to its original state, guaranteeing the work is performed correctly, according to the latest training and industry standards. From the initial inspection, through the cleanup and structural repairs – Phoenix Restoration will provide customized and cost-effective solutions to repair any home or business.